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Writing with Charlotte's Web:  Print Handwriting Workbook

Join Wilbur and Charlotte at Zuckerman's Farm! Any child who has had Charlotte's Web read to them, or read it themselves, will love copying familiar names and quotes from this beloved book. 

Writing with Charlotte’s Web is a handwriting curriculum designed to give meaningful handwriting practice through copywork of words and quotes from "Charlotte's Web". For ages 1st to 6th grade, or your discretion if your child needs handwriting practice!

Can be use for homeschool curriculum alongside a read aloud or for a summer bridge curriculum to keep your child on track with their writing.


Skills are scaffolded upon each other, as the the child progresses from letters, to words, to quote copywork.

Workbook Includes:

  • Print Alphabet Reference Chart 

  • Part One-Letter Practice 

  • Part Two- Words Practice 

  • Part Three- Verse Copywork 

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