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Meaning Matters

​A student, child or adult, learns best when the content is

connected to something meaningful in their own lives. 

Learning with Literature Workbooks take the whining out

of handwriting practice with meaningful words and quotes from beloved children's literature. 

Designed for elementary students just learning cursive, middle schoolers who need practice,

or anyone who wants to improve their handwriting.

Print workbooks also available for younger students!


Learning Cursive in Narnia

Aslan is on the move! Travel through all of C.S Lewis' Narnia timeline with Learning Cursive in Narnia. Your child will be excited to copy words, characters names, and quotes from the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, including dragons, fauns, and Reepicheep!


Learning Cursive with Anne of Green Gables

Robyn with a Y presents Anne with an E! Travel to Prince Edward Island to see the world through the eyes of a talkative little red head!


Learning Cursive with Proverbs

Children will learn wisdom and cursive while copying a verse from every chapter of Proverbs (New International Reader's Version).

Aesop's Fables Cursive

Learning Cursive with Aesop's Fables

Slow and steady wins the race! Copy timeless truths and fables while improving your cursive skills!

Proverbs Print

Writing God's Word On Your Hearts: Christian Print Handwriting

Write God's Word on your heart while improving handwriting! Your child will copy a verse from every chapter in Proverbs (New International Reader's Version). 


Drawn to  God: Sermon Notes Journal

Drawn to God: Sermon Notes Journal is 52 Week  Notebook for Doodlers and Artists, or anyone who needs space to process the sermon through writing. This journal is all ages, with plenty of reflection and application questions 


Writing in the Wardrobe:

Narnia Print

Follow Lucy inside the wardrobe with words, character name, and quotes from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The words and quotes are perfect for a child just learning to write, or for any aged child who needs to work on his printing skills.


Learning Cursive with The Hobbit

Any hobbits in your house who need handwriting practice?  Take a journey through Middle Earth with Tolkien's beloved characters and quotes.

Cursive Charlotte's Web

Learning Cursive with Charlotte's Web

Charlotte, Wilbur, and Templeton are wonderful friends to learn cursive handwriting with! Copy words and quotes from beloved Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White

Aesop's Print

Writing with Aesop's Fables: Print

Printing practice using names and fables from beloved class Aesop's' Fables.


Sermon Notes for Kids, Ages 6-12

Draw, Write, Reflect.

Do your kids doodle on the offering envelopes at church?  Or squirm and talk loudly during the sermon?  Or do you ask your children on the drive home what they learned about, and they say "I don't know." Sermon Notes for kids gives children opportunities to draw, write, and reflect about the sermon in age appropriate notebook. 


Homeschool Planner: 

52 Week Undated Weekly Planner for Life and Homeschool

Plan your life all in one planner! INCLUDES: 52 WEEK undated weekly planner with 10 subjects/to-dos, meal planning, , 12 month attendance tracker, password tracker, curriculum order tracker, areas of study tracker (up to 4 kids), high school credits tracker (up to 2 high schoolers), Grade Trackers (by semesters for up to four kids) 

Cursive The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Learning Cursive with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Learning Cursive with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a curriculum designed to give meaningful cursive handwriting practice through copywork of words and quotes from C.S Lewis' The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Little Women Cover

Learning Cursive with

Little Women

If you loved spending time with Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy you will love copying the words and quotes in Learning Cursive with Little Women.


Writing with Charlotte's Web: Print

Join Wilbur and Charlotte at Zuckerman's Farm! Any child who has had Charlotte's Web read to them, or read it themselves, will love copying familiar names and quotes from this beloved book.

Wind in the Willows

Learning Cursive

The Wind in the Willows

Go for a ride with Toad and Mole! Copy word and quote from a true classic, The Wind in the Willows"


Sermon Notes for Teens

Sermon Notes for Teens is a weekly opportunity to teach your student how to take notes during the sermon. Students identity main concepts of the sermons, questions that have, and an opportunity to engage in the sermon through drawing.


Financial Reality Check:

Personal Finance and Budgeting Workbook for Beginners/Teens

Financial Reality Fair is an immersive budgeting experience that gives students a glimpse into what it costs to live independently.  Students learn how take responsibility for personal financial decisions with the use of a Monthly Budget Tracker.

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